Providing Law Enforcement Services for Candler County


Under the authority of the Sheriff and at the general direction of his Chief Deputy, the Candler County Sheriff's Office is comprised of three major divisions.

The Road Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Jail Divisions also have sub units under their command.

Command Staff

Chief Deputy Melvin Ivey 

Chief Deputy Melvin Ivey was appointed in 2017

Chief Deputy Ivey has been a certified peace officer since 1991. He has held such ranks as patrolman, Sergeant, and Investigator. He is a State of Georgia Certified General, Firearms, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. 

Justin P. Wells

Captain Wells was appointed in 2017

Captain Wells is in the Criminal Investigations Division. Wells has been a certified peace officer since 2004. He has held ranks of Patrolman, Deputy, Investigator, Lead Investigator, and Interim Chief of Police. He acquired Associates and Bachelors of Science Degrees from Thomas University. He has Post Certifications for General Instructor, Supervision and Management. He is a graduate of the Columbus State University and Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police‚Äôs Professional Management Program. He was also appointed the Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Agency by Sheriff Miles in 2018.