Providing Law Enforcement Services for Candler County

Drug and Gang Enforcement

CCSO employs investigators tasked with investigating illegal drug and gang activity throughout Candler County, which we aggressively investigate.

Drug and Crime Tips

Sex Offender Registry

The CCSO Sex Offender Registry is diligently managed by Beth Clark. The state database is updated regularly. Deputies often perform checks on those on the registry. Those found not to be complying are subject to criminal prosecution. You can view information about those on the registry here:

Sex offender registry

School Resource

CCSO assigns full-time sworn sheriff’s deputies to the Candler County Schools through a partnership with the Candler County School District. CCSO SRDs provide a number of services to the school facilities, including law enforcement services, traffic control in school zones, and the C.H.A.M.P.S program.


CCSO School Resource Deputies are assigned the additional task of operating the CHAMPS program.

CHAMPS Program